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Naegleria Fowleri- splitting headache and nausea, after diving in muddy waterfalls

I think I may need urgent advice. I came from Dominican Republic on Monday, and after adventure in muddy river/waterfalls, which happened on Saturday, I have a very bad feeling. I had water forced into my nose repeatedly, jumping from 25' height into a natural pool of water with muddy appearance. Temperatures were about 80degrees.

Since I came back, my stomach has been queezy(I ate well however), and I did not sleep well/bad dreams/ took naps in the day. On Tuesday, I suddenly felt a post nasal drip/painful nose tonsils. I got worried. It is Friday early morning, and since Thursday I have had splitting headache(I rarely have headaches), I have been up unable to sleep, the headache is getting worse I think, it is behind my eyes, forehead, and a bit behind my ears. It is as if the drip got better, but gave way to headache(as if something moved from my throat/nose to behind my forehead).

After freaking out, I do now feel a more pronounced nausea, and used the restroom(no.2) urgently 3 times this night. Could be fear acting out.

My most urgent question is, can I have an infection/brain amoeba/encephalitis without any fever?

I was waiting to get fever, and then I would go to a doctor, but without fever, can there be this horrific disease growing in me? I certainly do not want to die, because I waited for a fever that does not have to always be present.
CDC lists headache, stiff neck, nausea and fever, as first symptoms. I have severe headache, some nausea, but no fever.

What to do? I want to avoid having unnecessary/costly spinal taps, tests, just to find out I had sinus headache:-)

Thank you,
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I would recommend going to see your doctor. There is no way for me to tell if this is simply a sinus headache or something more serious. In order to do this you would need a physical examination, something that the online format of MedHelp is not able to provide.

I hope you feel better!

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