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Pain in arms and legs

I have acquired a pain in my right forearm that feels like a muscle cramp. But not quite painful, it feels as if I just had done working out. I can move it around fine. I also get bulging veins at times and the pain comes and goes. My left forearm felt and got like that as well but it went away it is fine. I get some pinching and funny feeling in my right leg as well and almost feels the same way but not quite. This has been going on for 2 days.
Any idea of what this can be?
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Hi, thank for taking the time to answer me.
Well I has stopped working out about 7 months ago. The. Last month I went back to working out I might have gotten a little too hard in the begging instead of starting slow again.
At one point I though I had Varicose veins, but just yesterday my blood test results came back and doctor said everything looked fine.
As far as the pain it still there but I feel like it's getting better, I keep putting Icy -Hot before I go to bed.
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I am sorry, but I am not sure what could be causing your discomfort. Have you changed your workout? Has something changed in your activity level at work or at home?

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