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Quinolone Toxicity, Tendons, and Excersize

I am a 40 year old male, no major medical problems. I took a 7 day course of 400mg Avelox about one month ago (April 5th). I have had a good amount of tendon pain mostly in left achilles and in tendons on top and bottom of arch of foot as well as some heel and knee pain. Again, like I said primarily left side. The achilles pain has subsided some, most of the pain and discomfort now is in the foot.

I have taken quinolones a few times in the past (Cipro) with either no pain or some pain that subsided quickly at or shortly after end of course (same with left leg/foot, I think). I have a history of kidney stones and prostatitis.

My question is how long should I expect this to last? Is it more likely that I have a rupture since I am having the tendinitis? When can I start doing some exercise (even if light) again, such as stationary bike, some upper body weights, etc?

I am not in a good place or position to see a physician right now. Some outlook and advice would be great. Thank you for reading and being here.
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HI and thanks for using the forum.

Unfortunately, I do not really know a lot about Quinolone toxicity.  I did some research, but as you probably already know, the research is very divided on this subject.  Have you tried working with a physical therapist.  He or she may be able to help you develop a routine that can get you back in the gym, but still protect those areas that remain painful for you.  Sorry I could not provide you with more information.  Good luck

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Dear Nurse,

I noticed that you have skipped my question. I wonder if you plan on coming back to answer it or if not can you refer me to to appropriate forum where it may get attention. I know that the quinolone topic is a touchy one in the medical field, but not one that should be ignored, the topic nor the patient.

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This is a update to my original posting. As of late, a lot of the pain in my left foot has subsided. I am again having more of the pain in the left achilles, left heel, and some in both knees. Overall the pain seems better. But some days are better than others.

What is worse than the pain is the anxiety over a rupture or being one of the unfortunate people that seem to end up with long-lasting effects from this class of drugs. And I really want to get back to the gym for some cardio and moderate weight lifting. Which is good for my mind and body overall. I have been taking some extra Vitamin C supplements and Advil. I have read online Magnesium may be good to take for this. Please advise/give opinion.
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