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13 yr old son get violent

My 13 yr old son get violent when ever he gets repremanded for bad behavior. He'll hits himself, hits doors, walls, furniture etc. He yells at me and tells me to shut up, tells me I will not do this or that, and that they are HIS rules etc. I have two grown sons and it's so bad that they are afraid for my safety.  We have fairly strict rules in our home (compared to a lot of other homes), and he's had these rules all his life. Does pubirty amplify this behavior?  Any advise on how to handle this?  
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Can you give us an example of his bad behaviour, what you said/did to him to reprimand him and what his response was?
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My 14 year old likes to wrestle me each night. He has reprimanded me when I refuse to participate.  I find that punching holes in the wall, yelling, hitting doors and banging my head against brick walls does the trick.  Getting the child to think you're insane has the effect of sanitizing the child!
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I have a son who just turned 16.  Since he has hit puberty I feel that his behavior has gotten worse.  Especially in the last 2 years.  He has rages that he can't control (only at home) where he is kicking in doors (we've replaced 6 and are now stopping) have patched holes in walls, he has torn off the banister, broken a garage window and his bedroom window.  We've had the police at our home 5 times and twice had to have him removed and placed in the hospital for a week at a time.  He has total control at school and was an excellent student until this school year when all this started and missed so much school and has not been able to pick himself back up.  We have tried so many different medications and am at our wits end and so is our doctor and his counsler.  I know I'm not painting a pretty picture and I'm sorry.  My only advice to you is don't let it snowball and get out of hand.  Get him and you help.  I'm afraid we're going to end up in the court system soon.  My husband deploys alot and I have a son who knows he's bigger then me and is violent at times and is sweet at times and you don't know who you're going to get and when.  I also have another child I have to protect too.  It's very sad, stressful and heartbreaking.  Good luck.
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