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8 y/o just diagnosed with Asperger's

I've heard of Asperger's before but wasn't very sure what it was and still may not fully understand. My son has always been different. Not knowing any other children his age or being around them consistently, I figured that was just his character but not out of the ordinary. I was wrong, after reading the signs/symptoms, my son has almost all of them. Academically he excels, socially not so much. He has neighborhood friends and some at school  but has trouble making new ones, he likes being alone a lot and is not bothered if other children don't want to be bothered with him. I feel bad that I didn't recognize any signs earlier. I don't want him to be looked at as different from his peers. Does he have to be in a different classroom, now? I want him to be able to live a good quality of life and not be outcasted, this is what I worry about. He's very intelligent and bright and I don't Asperger's to be why he doesn't excel or to hold him back. What are others experiences with Asperger's? Thanx for reading.
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Everyone reacts to diagnosis differently, and it's understandable why you may be feeling overwhelmed in the face of so many changes and new information. After you confirm your son has received an accurate diagnosis, there's many steps you can take and rest assured, he can live a happy well-adjusted life as a child with Asperger's.

Learning more about the diagnosis and what to expect is a critical next steps. There's plenty of great resources out there. Here are just a few:


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Thank you
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Heck no, Autism Speaks is bad news, I would not recommend it. They don't have anyone with autism working with them. However, there are plenty of advocacy networks you can check out, just do a few searches on Google
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I have Aspies and was always different from the other kids...I faced quite a bit of bullying personally and hardly had any friends, as Aspergers wasn't really known about back then...my daughter fared a little better than I, but neither of us needed special classes. Todays teachers are more in tune with kids like your son, but if he does get bullied, you can't just let it slide....get it dealt to. Encourage him in his school work and try to set up play-dates with other kids his own age...We Aspies are more likely to hang out with people much older or younger than ourselves as we identify with them better, even in adulthood...my best friend is 1 where-as I am almost 38. It might help if he joins a club that meets once a week like scouts or some sporting club...make sure he actually likes it though or he may refuse to go...when we don't like something, we don't like it! Does your son show any signs of being totally obsessed by something? For example, when my daughter was 8 it was Sonic the Hedgehog. TV shows, comics, games, pictures, posters, figurines, everything Sonic! Don't get frustrated with this as obsessions are just what we Aspies do. I have a bit of a thing for Audiobooks myself! All in all though, your boy should be able to grow up, just the same as any other kid, with a few quirks thrown in to make life more interesting!
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