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8 years old with autism and asperger

my 8 year old son went to the drs and i was told that he has a touch of autism and aspergers syndrome, mood disorders and adhd. my questions is what do i do now? is there anything i can do to help him?it is really scaring me because i only know little about these subjects!
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my question to the drs is where were these disorders when we were growing up?and why is there a pill for everything?i am considering putting those patches on my sons feet to remove any heavy metals in his system.im looking into the safety of it now.
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Is your son is a special ed classroom?   I am a sped teacher so I was just going to suggest that you meet with his teacher, start there.  Hopefully he has a teacher that is approachable and helpful.  

I can say that if it were me, Id look for a classroom that is specifically for kids with autism or aspergers.   Aspergers is a form of autism.   Students I have had who have aspergers usually are not too far below in their academics and several are above grade level.   I had an 8th grade boy who tested at college level in reading and high school level in math.

If he is doing fine is school then that is great.  But if he begins to have problems I would look for a special classroom that specializes in aspergers/autism.
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there is so much that you can do for your child...can you list his signs/symptoms of his disorder and me and tzt2lady will be able to help I bet...I am a sped teacher too.
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