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Asthma Concerns

I am currently 24 years old I have never been been diagnosed with asthma before or it has never been brought up by any doctors. I get these feelings that will come over me and last a few days to weeks where i feel like i have a ball in my throat and its difficult to breathe not to the point i need to run to the hospital but a announce. I feel like sometimes i have someones hand on my chest the very lightly placed not full pressure or pain. I notice sometime when i breathe i am not getting enough air and when i exhale to release the breathe i am not releasing enough i guess you can say. I was diagnosed with POTs 6 years ago and i was told its more of a announce and not deadly. I have had a bunch of blood test that came back normal a long with a full run down of cardiac test that came back normal such as holter monitors, echoes, stress echo and chest X-ray . I was just wondering if this sounds like asthma or anxiety issues I am always thinking about it when the feeling comes over me and concerned i also think of my other health issue
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