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Bronchial Asthma

I am 29 year old boy. As per doctor advice I am suffering from Brochial Asthma and High Blood Pressure. When I go to consulting doctor. The doctor has adviced me ROTACAP 400mg + AMOLODIPINE 5 mg (both are twice daily). After taking a medicines one month. My BP is controlled and doctor adviced ROTACAP 400 once in a day. But I am feeling light pain in chest on left side and un easy feel in chest area. Some times feeling breething problem. What can I do
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What you are feeling, light pain and breathing problem suggests that your asthma is not as well-controlled as it could be.  Another explanation could be that you are experiencing side effects from the Rotacap®.  It is possible that the dose is too high for you and if you are going to take this medicine you should divide the dose.  But there is something else the Ventolin® Rotacap® is a short-acting bronchodilator.  These days it is more common to use a long-acting bronchodilator combined with an inhaled steroid.  Such a combination could provide better relief of your shortness of breath without the risk of side effects.

Good luck.
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