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Cyclic Rash on Cheeks Occurs after Period

I have been experiencing a cyclic rash-like breakout on my cheeks, and often chest, that occurs one week after my period. The red bumps/whiteheads do not itch and can appear in groups in a few hours. This will linger for days, sometimes up to two weeks and then will abruptly clear up. They have a white head that will 'pop', but my face will become somewhat inflamed, pores seem to enlarge, and then the bumps appear. Eventually, the whiteheads form on them. Primarily occurs on my cheeks, sometimes forehead. When it occurs on my chest, it can be covered in hundreds of red bumps/whiteheads, even lingering onto my stomach.

What I've done so far:
- Changed Birth Control Pill, no change
- Stopped Birth Control Pill, no change
- Variety of OTC acne products, no effect
- Topical Prescription Creams, no effect
- Prescription Vitamin Tabs, no effect (was on a similar pill as teenager and it worked amazing)
- 30 day course of Doxycycline, no effect
- Nystatin along with drastic diet change, no effect
- Course of Diflucan, no effect
- Blood Work is perfect - not a single thing wrong that 3 different doctors can find. Everything is normal.
- No food allergies
- Autoimmune Progesterone is negative. None of these symptoms match it either.
- Stopped taking all vitamins, no effect (prescription only)

Dermatologist tried a 7day course of Prednisone (60mg), cleared up within hours! Clearest my skin has been for a year and half. Within two days of stopping the prednisone, started back up again, and this time, not to do with my period. It lingered for 3 weeks this time.

My period is as regular as one can be - like clockwork. No other alarming symptoms that stand out towards any one condition. So to re-emphasize, my period typically begins on a Wednesday. This 'rash' will begin the following Wed/Thur, sometimes starting as late as Fri/Sat. I can't find any link to anything in my life, other than perhaps hormonal due to it's cyclic nature.
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