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Are asthma and croup related?

My 4 year old stepdaughter was just diagnosed with severe allergies to cats (we have 2), and asthama.  She also frequently gets the croup.  Are they related, or separate?

When she has an asthma attack, combined with the croup, it has made her breathing very labored, and she has in fact vomited from coughing so hard (this was at a time when she also had a sinus infection).  Are there medications she should be on other than a nebulizer (which she just started), and an inhaler when symptoms are present?  Should she be on the nebulizer every day?

Thanks for any assistance.
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Your daughter's asthma will be aggravated by various viruses/infections. In other words when she comes down with croup or a sinus infection, it will aggravate her asthma. Her need for asthma medication is dependent on how frequent her symptoms are. If she only experiences symptoms intermittently, such as during infections or upon exposure to cats, she may only need treatment during those periods. However if she is symptomatic more then a few times/week, then she should be on a controller medication (inhaled steroids) to help reduce the inflammation in her airways and symptoms.

Your family doctor should be in charge of prescribing what medications/inhalers she would need. At the very least she should have an albuterol inhaler (bronchodilator) for any sudden attacks she may have (such as exposure to cats and wheezing/shortness of breath results). Certainly removing any allergens she may have is important in helping to control her asthma. In return if her asthma is more in control, she might be less susceptible to other viruses, such as the croup.
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My daughter is 3 with the exact same story...We got rid of our cat and covered all her bedding with the allergy protectors and bought a air purifier....It helps a lot- not all the way gone- but it helps a lot.
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