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Asthma or something else? please help ASAP

i am 17 and Since January I've had a stomach flu, strep, a double ear infection, a severe upper respiratory infection, and some other little things(colds ect). Recently, I have noticed little things I dealt with before getting worse; such as being able to catch my breath, shortness of breath to a point I could not breath or talk at all, nausea, tightness in my chest almost like someone is squeezing me, and a few others. when I was born the doctors said I had asthma but I never had any flare ups unless I am really sick but now even simple things I become out of breath. the worst experience I had today which made my coach tell me I am benched until I figure out what is going on, I was going through the color guard routine and where we are. I had to run/sprint/jog/march through this and he made us run a lap around the field because we were not sounding off, not even through 1/4 of the lap I could not breathe at all. I felt as if someone was strangling me and crushing me. I felt very heavy chested, wheezing very hard and loud, could not catch my breath for almost 10-15 minutes. Could this be the asthma worsening or something different or both?
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Definitely sounds like asthma worsening and you need an inhaler or two to help you to settle it down.  I would get a doctors appointment booked asap and take it easy until you can get in.  If the breathlessness happens again and is severe, then its a trip to urgent care or the ER
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Hello Midia315,

Welcome to the asthma community forum. I see you joined Med help this month. Okay, I have asthma. The symptoms you are describing such as wheezing, strangling and crushing feeling in your chest and the fact that you couldn't catch your breath for almost 10 -15 minutes sounds very much like asthma, especially the wheezing part.  If I were you, I would call your family doctor , talk to their receptionist, explain that you think you have asthma and that you need to see your doctor asap.  Your mention of wheezing makes me think you have asthma. Your coach is actually trying to protect you.
Asthma attacks can happen in a matter of minutes. This is nothing to fool around with. Take this seriously. People with asthma attacks have ended up in the hospital or worse.  Your doctor can give you a breathing test to determine is what you are experiencing is asthma. If you have asthma, your asthma can be controlled with asthma medication.  Asthma is also triggered by something. You have to find out what you are allergic to that is triggering the asthma.  I would highly recommend that you have an allergy test.
Your doctor will probably refer you to an allergist. It is really important to find out what allergy or allergies are triggering the asthma . I wish you well. Eve
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