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Cannot take steroids for cough and wheezing, what can I do?

My Best Friend was sick with a hacking cough, and within 2 days of her spreading her germs I caught upper respiratory infection.  I took antibiotic, and tried taking prednisone and symbicort.  I simply cannot deal with side effects.  Took some natural stuff too, need to get rid of this awful wheezing.  What can I do?
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Paula, I saw your post here.  How are you doing now?  Are things any better?
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Thank you so much for asking.  Finally got rid of cough with Prednisone, but gained 6 lbs., and am always hungry now.  Also, am super scared of getting this virus, especially after all I went through last month.  I appreciate you contacting me....Paula
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How are you feeling? Any better? I'm sure it would be a scary time to have any breathing difficulties. For informational purposes, albuterol is an inhaler that is not a steroid.
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Thanks Sara for reaching out to me.  This has resolved, but I still have slight cough, and in lieu of all that's going on in the world it's scarey to have a cough at this time.  I've used albuterol for many years, but they gave me a steriod (Prednisone) which I am not a fan of.
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