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Scared and Frustrated

I've never had any trouble ever with breathing issues but have suffered from just basic pollen allergies. As of last week I've begun exercising again consisting of jogs and walks. Now I am constantly taking bigger pig like breaths through my nose and feel a slight build up in my throat. I'm not sure if it's allergy related and what it could be. I was afraid it was exercise induced asthma but other than the breathing issue I have no other symptons or pains. I'm not sure if it's a mucus build up but I have been taking mucinex D. I also tried some Primatene mist pills just 2 to see if it would help but still no use. I really can't afford a doctor visit on my own, so I'm exhausting all options. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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The first thing to do it to eliminate all milk products from your diet. Milk contains over 200 antigens.

The link between asthma and milk is controversial.

Some studies say absolutely not. Others say absolutely so.

It appears there is a population of asthma sufferers that do indeed benefit from the elimination of dairy products. Not all. It's worth a try.

As fas as elimination of dusts and antigens in your living area, you know the drill.

You really need to find a physician to get you an emergency supply of albuterol sulfate. It's supposed to be prescription, but some pharmacies will give it to you if you give them a convincing story. It's expensive. About sixty bucks U.S. But Wal-Mart has had it on sale for as little as eight bucks.

Go to a clinic. They have reduced rates depending on what you can pay.
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Thanks a lot for the help. I am pretty much sure I'm going to the doctor next week. I really hope it's not asthma. It did seem as though mucinex helped out a bit. I was able to jog another mile and a half yesterday just fine. I'll look into your advice. Thanks!
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