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I just heard of it, today, here on MedHelp... I have a recurring cough and sometimes my voice gets terribly hoarse. Ironically the worst hoarseness I experience is after long periods of not talking.

I tried a search for VCD, and even Wikipedia didn't have a page. Wikipedia always has a page for everything !! And even if the info isn't 100%, at least they have a page. So, I'm assuming VCD is not very widely known.

I'd like to know as much info as possible... symptoms... diagnoses... etc...

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Your post caught my eye because my daughter (at age 14) had this happen and it was so bad we thought it was an anapylaxis reaction .. she ended up on the nebulizer for 3 weeks and then weeks of albuterol + steroid.  Turns out she microasperated.  

Her laryngospasm happened, in her case, from undiagosed gastro reflux (GERD) when the hot liquid came up to her vocal cords (which she didn't feel) it caused the spasm to occur as she gasped for air.  VERY scary for her.  

She's fine now and after a course of treatment to control the reflux, it hasn't come back.  

She has it on her medical alert tag along with her bee sting allergy that she carries an epi pen for -- it's unrelated but our Dr thought important to list in case it ever happens again like that they know what's going on.

She has asthma, too.

Hope this helps!

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So glad you found this post answered by a Dr on our National Jewish Asthma Expert Forum:  


Any questions - feel free to post or PM me!

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Thank you, for the info and the link !

Now, I know what happens to me when the wind blows in my face. Where I live, the wind can gust up to 70 miles an hour on a good day. And when the wind blows in my face it is unbearable.

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