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What does this mean (INHALER)?

What does it mean if the inhaler makes asthma worse as in the more you use it the more you need it- better off without it kind of thing? does that mean a misdiagnosis
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Could be a misdiagnosis, or could be an allergic reaction to the substance being inhaled.
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This sentence sounds like absolute nonsense. It is true, for some patients that overuse of inhalers such as albuterol sulfate will cause the alveoli to fail to respond the way they first do when the medication is used, but that is a horse-of-a-different color that staying "the asthma will get worse". As far as being "better off without it", bear in mind that asthmatic attacks will often progress to death of the patient, and there is a "window: for timely intervention with an "emergency inhaler". NEVER EVER hesitate to use your emergency inhaler if you feel an attack coming on or in progress.
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I don't really need it, i was told to use it daily and when i use it daily i end up needing to take more to breathe comfortably afterwards--therefore I came to the conclusion that my asthma "got worse" as a result of the inhaler-why else would my breathing get worse? when i dont take it daily, my breathing is fine. Not fine, but at least it's better than when i'm on the inhaler.  Does the sentence make more sense now?
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any ideas what other conditions could be misdiagnosed as asthma? thanks
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GERD, COPD, emphysea, cardiac failure and many others can cause symptoms.

Some medication works better than others for different people.  The advair dickus didn't control my symptoms at all and my allergy symptoms went sky high during using it because it has powered lactose in it.  I'm allergic to lactose (actually allergy not intolerance) so I was constantly breathing something into my lungs that I was allergic too.

Talk to your doctor about doing a methacholine challenge test - it is the golden standard for testing for asthma.  You breathe in a substance that irritates your lungs to see how twitchy they are.  Asthmatics are a rule have much more twitchy lungs than normal people.  This also gives then a measurement of how bad the asthma is.  
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thanks for the suggestions but when I say all what you're telling me it's going to sound like I did too much "internet browsing" and then they're probably going to not take me seriously.  ahhhh.
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Just go in and say that you feel your inhaler is not controlling your asthma well enough and you want to know why.  Ask for a pulmonary function test (a regular "checkup" of your asthma anyway), if your doctor refuses - then request a referral to a specialist - respiralogist or pulmonlogist.  I don't think they can refuse if you request a specialist appointment.  

If that still doesn't work find a new doctor ....

Another way to see if there is any difference with or without your inhaler would be to use a peak flow meter.  Record your peak flow before, immediately after taking your inhaler, 30 minutes after, 60 minutes after etc, this would show you if there is any change in lung function from taking the medications.  Showing your doctor this may also help him understand that you are serious about figuring out what is going on.
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thanks Tammy2009
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