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cat pans & upper respiratory infections

This may be an off the wall question-I've had asthma for 12+ years, and I have a tendency to get upper respiratory
tract infections that frequently go into bronchitis, had pneumonia 2x. I have 3 cats  (WE have) and I alone tend to
their pans. Could there be any correlation?
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There could be.  If you are allergic to cats DEFINTELY as there is dander in their feces and urine.

Also it could relate to the type of cat litter you use.  I (finally, took 4 months) got my two cats converted over to a clumping wheat grass based litter instead of the typical clay cumping litter and my lungs are doing much better, less tightness and coughing.  Altough peak flows haven't gone back up, I feel better so I think it will continue to get better.

Try and keep the litter as clean so there is no bacterial growth and wash your hands after cleaning it.  

I love a litter called World's Best Cat Litter, it is a corn based clumping litter and was amazing!!  However, one of my cats refused to use it (pooped and peed in front of the box and then showed me, very clear message) so I'm using a similar but not quite as nice one that is made of wheat grass called Sweat Scoop.
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I'll give that a try! I'm not allergic to the cats (happily!) I"m compulsive about keeping the pans scooped if I see anything in them, I have one that does the pooping next to the pans too, if they aren't up to his standards! Where can I buy the grass litter?
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