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singulair 5 mg

My 10 y/o daughter's been on corticosteroid inhalers,oral cortizone,antihistamines ever since she was 5.She was even on cough syrup because her cough was so severe and non-stop.
She's also beenon singulair 5 mg ever since then.
Hopefully her symptoms have cleared considerably and she's off all the above except for the singulair.Her symptoms are mostly a nose infection and an occasional sore throat.
My question is should she be off the singulair?Her Drs. think it's useful but i'm worried about it's long term effect and now that she seems to have outgrown her asthma why should she stay on any meds?
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Hey Mandy -

I take singulair regularly, montelukast, 5 mg a day right before bed. I love it, it helps me not only with my severe allergic asthma, but also my allergies. I take allegra 150 and also Symbicort.

If she has allergies, it's not a bad idea to keep her on the singulair, in my opinion. There have been no reported long-term effects of montelukast. Some people report side effects in conjunction with singulair, but all can be attributed to other conditions those reporting them have.

That's just my two cents, but I think that's a decision you and your daughter's doctor should carefully consider.
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