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Here are my test results after a holter monitor, should I be concerned?

So my primary dropped the ball between the hospital and the testing, I received no reading of my results. I called today and was told it would be a few days. This has me concerned considering I have a "healed" ASD as a child. Should I be concerned with these results?

Underlying rhythm was a sinus mechanism with a mean heart rate is 66 bpm. Heart rates range from 42 bpm to 137 bpm. Sinus bradycardia was present and accounted for 1.1% of the recording. Slowest heart rates were noted during early morning hours. Mobitz type I second-degree AV block was noted at 1:30 AM. And again at 4:33 AM which appears to be vagally mediated with initial slowing of the sinus rate. There were rare ectopic beats.
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Sinus rhythm is good.  The 2nd degree heart block needs to be clarified.  Ectopic beats are not unusual.
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