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Adult Asperger's or Highly Sensitive Person?

I recently began seeing a psychiatrist due to multiple symptoms that are still undiagnosed after a 4.5 year search for answers. I came across Asperger's Syndrome while searching "The Highly Sensitive Person." I took the Asperger's 150 question test and my chart showed that I have the qualities of  Asperger's Syndrome rather than highly sensitive. I found out things from my childhood that match symptoms of Asperger's and I have always had very poor social skills, following direction and comprehension and understanding 'simple' things. My "sarcasm" hurts people and I tend to go off on a tangent about things most people are not interested in....My psychiatrist told me that "just by looking at me", I don't have Asperger's. How is that possible for someone to 'know' that another person doesn't have something "just by looking at them". I got so mad that I had an outburst and went into the corner and rocked profusely back and forth. What does or can this mean?
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I think people can miss it if they arn't looking for it. I can't tell you if you have it or not but sounds like you may have some of the traits. Maybe you should get a 2nd opion. I don't know. I'm going through the same thing except I have almost every symptom of aspergers. I am thinking about bringing it up with my phychiatrist, and my mom thinks I act like someone with it but when I was first showing symptoms mom never heard of it so I never was checked for it. And that sounds like something I would do expecially the part about rocking.
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If you have concerns, I would recommend seeking out a specialist in diagnosing autism spectrum disorders. There are professionals with extensive experience working with and diagnosing individuals with Asperger’s who should be able to help determine if it would be appropriate for you to receive that diagnosis. Something to consider, however, is how important it is for you to be diagnosed. These diagnoses are based on behavioral criteria, there can be a variety of different causes for the behavior, and one professional may feel that a diagnosis is appropriate while another may not.. If you know that you struggle in certain areas, the therapy would involve directly addressing those things, regardless of your diagnosis. I would suggest seeking out a therapist that you work well with and focusing more on the particular issues that are important to you and less on the diagnosis.
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Thanks for the comment..my mother never heard of this either, but, it seems more Asperger's than HSP. I have seen 2 Psychiatrists and they agreed that I do nto have Asperger's..I doubt them, because I live my life everyday and know how I feel and how I act. I never smile and cannot be around people in huge crowds...I cannot take high pitch noises and loud banging...I am looking for a 3rd opinion. I also had 4 head injuries within my 44 years so, something happened to me...all I wanna know is .... what is it??
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