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My 4 yrs old son Stimming

HI My son who is now four years old shows a lot of stimulating behaviour like rocking back and forth, jumping all the time, moving his hands infront of his eyes, hand flapping and looking at the walls. He is also speech delayed and his fine motor skills are also weak. He has been getting speech therapy, OT and PT for more thana year but it seems like he is not making any progress actually he is regressing. He is not social and also has a thumb sucking habit. He comes from a bilingual family. We are not sure what to do exactly or what does all this behaviuor mean. He used to say quite a few words and answer questions, He does not do that anymore and has a very short memory. I have tried using a medicine (like a nail polish) to stop him from sucking his thumb, but I am not sure if that is a good idea because that might be something that gives him satisfaction and stioppong him may do more harm than good.
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