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looking for educational resources

I'm an aspie and new mother.  I went most of my life undiagnosed and thus missed out on learning the key skills for safe and effective socializing.  While it is much too early to tell if my son will be NT(neurotypical), I need to figure out how to navigate social situations ASAP for his development and to better participate in playdates, making friends with other moms etc. The groups I have called only work with children, so I'm thinking this leaves me with self help books? Are there books or maybe even groups geared toward etiquette of conversation, social skills, safe judgement(i'm largely non-risk adverse due to not recognizing menacing situations, tone or facial expression), Or more importantly, expressing, when necessary, to other moms, his teachers and new friends why I seem so odd to them?
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I recommend explicitly seeking out groups for adult individuals facing the same sorts of problems.  These may or may not exist in your area, depending largely on the size of the population.  Ultimately, for your son's best interest, the most important thing is to be in contact with trained professionals to monitor his development.  I think you'll find that, if you explain your situation, people will be understanding and happy to accommodate.
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