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Autism and treatments, alternative and traditional

I've recently started researching different treatments, methods and alternatives to help my son.  I've come across something called M B12 and I'm trying to find out if anyone has used this approach and their success?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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Yes! I'm very familiar with this alternative approach.
It has to do with an imbalance that the vast majority of autistic children have, in a process which facilitates a great number of biochemical reactions throughout the body, called Methylation. It is mostly linked to a genetic mutation, on the MTHFR gene which is responsible for the  activation of an enzyme necessary for converting folate and B12 into usable forms Methylfolate and Methylocobalamin , respectively.
98 % of Autistic people have this MTHFR mutation!
So even if it may not sound like a big deal, IT IS a big deal!
It could be the key to an effective treatment plan, which should incorporate some specific supplements which target the deficiencies caused by the MTHFR mutation.
Impaired methylation means that Homocysteine cannot
be converted to Methionine.
Methionine protects our physical and mental health, by its role in Glutathione production, the master antioxidant.
The liver converts Methionine into SAM-e which is used to metabolize Dopamine, Serotonin and Melatonin.
MTHFR mutations have been implicated in Autism, CVD,
heart disease,mental disorders, certain cancers,
Alzheimer's and a lot more.
The treatment approach is not too complicated, but the issue is that conventional medicine is either behind times in this field, or is exercising "deliberate ignorance".
In the majority of cases where simple, drugless approaches can treat patients successfully, like using some common supplements and nutrition, conventional medicine has no part in it.
You need to find a Natural Medicine Practitioner with experience in this field.

You may want to look into a few more things:
1. Total cholesterol levels below 150.
Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome (SLOS) should be ruled out
"New Study Discovers Statistically Significant Link between Abnormally Low Cholesterol Levels and Autism Spectrum Disorders"
--Source: Autism Speaks--
2. Overactive microglia (the brain's immune cells) from continuous exposure to vaccines, causing ongoing neuro-inflammation.
Microglia play an important role in pruning away excess neuronal connections – called synapses – during brain development, at which time most of vaccinations take place, putting the infant at increased risk.
See also study titled: "Evidence of microglial activation in autism and its possible role in brain underconnectivity"
---Source: PMCID: PMC3523548
3. Candida leading to Leaky Gut.
"The Candida Yeast-Autism Connection"
--Source: Autism Research Institute

All the above must be explored, before a comprehensive
treatment plan can formulated.
I am confident that if were to follow thru, you might be pleasantly surprised with your son's gradual improvement.
Please free to contact me anytime.
I need to mention that my suggestions are not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Best wishes,

PS. I apologize for responding so late, as I just came
across your post today.

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Thank you Niko for responding.  I will look into this.  
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