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Does anyone have an answer?

My son just turned 2 (3 weeks ago) He is not speaking much he says daddy and mommy but thats about it. He jibber - jabbers all the time but nothing understanable.He whispers alot more words than that but we cant hear him. He has good social skills plays well with peers, good eye contact,understands verbal commands, loves to be held and hugged. just wont talk. I talked to him while at work on our speaker phone, I asked him if he went night-night and he clearly said" yea dad i go night-night" But he wont say anything when prompted or " put on the spot" but if he doesnt have to think about it he says more words.Any ideas or any other thing i need to look out for? Any response is greatly appreciated.
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My sister's little girl is around the same age. Maybe a little older, and she says very few words. She clearly knows what are saying to her. When we ask a question, she shakes her head yes or no. I've noticed lately she's picked up a bit more speech. She tries to say her name, Briana, but says banana. I think it's adorable. I wouldn't worry too much. Like I said, she is really picking up things now. Is your son in daycare? I noticed a difference between my sister's two children. One who was in daycare less, talked sooner. I just think that if they are always around kids their own age, it's hard to pick up anything but jibber jabber. Good Luck
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My son was the same way, when he turned 3 he said very few words.  He didn't say mom until he was 2.5 years old he only said daddy.  But it sounds like your son is doing better at his age than mine did.  
Things you could look out for are:
Child does not respond to his name, cannot explain what he wants, language skills or speech are delayed, at times, the child seems to be deaf, doesn’t point or wave bye-bye, child used to say a few words or babble, but now he doesn’t, throws intense or violent tantrums, has odd movement patterns (ex. flapping of the arms, spinning, tip-toe walking, echolalia), child is hyperactive, uncooperative, or oppositional, child doesn’t know how to play with toys, doesn’t smile when smiled at, has poor eye contact, has trouble with change usually likes routine (ex. child gets “stuck” on things over and over and can’t move on to other things with out getting upset), child seems to prefer to play alone, The child seems to be in his/her “own world.”, child is not interested in playing with other children, shows unusual attachments to toys (spinning objects like spinning car wheels) , objects, or schedules (i.e., always holding a string or having to put socks on before pants) and child spends a lot of time lining things up or putting things in a certain order.  
Those were some things you can red flag, keep in mind all kids are different, some have autistic characteristics but doesn't mean they are all on the spectrum.  If you see some of these characteristics in your son I would not get alarmed but would have him evaluated.  Your son may just be going through a delay… eventually kids tend to catch up.  
Good luck!
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Thank you for you response. Crockett look sas far to one side as he can and spins in a circle usually only one or two spins and then he is done.he has not lost any language just not picked up any new language.He sometimes appears not ot hear but not often.He waves, points, And will mimic the motions of of what he wants" turning on the water faucet,Opening the bubble bottle" Everyone thinks he is just behind in language, But i am going to get him evaluated just in case.

Thank you
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My 3 and a half year old didnt speak until about 6 months ago... never fear.. just when you say to yourself.. man.. it would be soo nice for him to start speaking..  he will.. and then he will take off... and man...oh... man..  hes never gonna stop..lol
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