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Fragile "X" Behavior (A-Typical Autism)

My kids' Doctors believe that 2 out of 3 of my kids have fragile "x" syndrome. My (6 years old next month) son will be tested first in a couple of weeks. My sons behavior is very unique. My son has been diagnosed with moderate/severe Autism at 2 1/2 years old but as he got older it has become more A-typical Autism + ADHD. He acts like characters from games & movies. No matter what we eliminate from his vision he becomes characters good or bad, villain or heroes.  He gets the movements down very accurately as he becomes them. Is this a normal thing with children with fragile x? My husband and I just cannot get him to stop. He was crying really hard yesterday when he was in trouble and still walked to us like a character in a game and e didn't even realize he was doing it. Its like the characters bind to him. Any help on this on why he does this? My Daughter who also seems A-typical (both good eye contact and very snuggable) has speech delay t 2 1/2 she says about 5 words but cannot enunciate or actually form the words correctly. She sounds like she is trying but the word is not formed well but we get the idea of what is trying to be said. Her behavior is more lining things up, stacking things and facing and pretty basic autism.  I am more question my sons behavior than my daughters acting as a character. The Psychiatrist say take the games away o this do that but he will become any character he sees regardless if it is a game or tv or anything even a toy. They can't seem to understand that we cannot seem to get this to stop and I believe it must be apart of his condition. So my question is, is his behavior common of that in fragile x syndrome.
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I am sorry to hear that two of your three children have fragile ‘X’ syndrome. Children with this syndrome show repetitive behavior and so even if the game is removed from his sight, he repeats this impersonification. Along with this there is obsessive compulsive behaviror. This also forces the child to repeat an act. The intellect quotient is low and thus it becomes difficult to make the child understand things. Also these children are hyperactive, always on the go, unable to comprehend well, and often need specialized care.
I suggest you take a second opinion or discuss with your treating doctor about what cognitive and behavior strategies will help him. Take care!
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thank you for your response! Sorry I didn't see it ill now. I am still learning how to use the site but wanted to make sure you were shown the appreciation! Better late than never I guess!
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