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Need resources for my 9yr old Autistic son* HELP!

Okay.....I've always been able to take the situation and research it and work with my son to help him. But now I have a situation that I have no idea how to go about. He's currently been putting both hands down his pant and playing with himself. He then smells his fingures and put his fingures on his face or nose. I didn't no boys started checking themselves out at this age. So is it exploring themselve or acually materbation? I want to teach him there's a time and place without making him feel bad or scared. But he is more medium to severe autistic. So trying to do this could be very tricky. Any books, web-site or advice. Anything would be appreciated. I now have this mind set of get him preparred of the big world! I don't want him to do something, in my eyes inocent, but everyone else maybe something that could get him in trouble. Thanks for your time*
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As you say he is affected medium to severe, I presume he is in a special school?
In that case you should know the school psychologist???  I would speak with them and ask for your son to be referred to someone, maybe ABA??  I don't know for sure, but this is probably a relatively common problem.
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i dont have any advice on the topic you posted.  but would like to say as the mum of a 4 year old boy with autism, i think your great for posting this sensitive issue hope you get a positive and helpful solution.
best sheelagh
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I also have a 9 year old boy with Autism. He gets so obsessed with certain topics & bodily functions that it actually becomes a preoccupation for him. I am wondering if your boy does this at school as well as at home? I spend a lot of time talking with my sons teachers & aides at the school & quite often they will make it a topic that the whole class will share without pointing out who is doing anything. For example, they could teach the whole class about hygiene with hand washing & how easily germs can get under fingernails etc. Also, together with the teachers, we try to direct his compulsion to do things into other areas that he may like. None of it is an easy task at all, but the team work between yourself & the teachers should pay off in the long run. Maybe going back to some more Boardmaker may help as well. I hope this is of some help to you.
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