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Regression in two year old?

My son is 27 months and has been informally diagnosed with mild autism.

He regressed a few months ago and lost a few words. He doesn't point or gesture, and he only eats a couple foods.

Other than that, he doesn't have classic autistic signs in repetition, no eye gaze, etc. He brings us toys and plays well, but pediatrician says his play is not deep enough.

I am getting him help, I personally noticed his cognitive understanding is low, he struggles with shape sorters.

Could this be just developmental delay? And dOes anyone know what his future could look like?
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Is his health okay ?
Is he healthy physically , I mean .
If it is , then there is no need for you to worry .
Autism will not in the least impede him from living a healthy life .
Let him lead a life that seems normal to his own way of thinking. .Might be , he is slow in cognitive skills and cogent thinking as per "our Norma's and our own standards " .

But after all what really counts is living a  normal life .It is his life and I feel personally autism is something what we so-called normal humans are unable to think of because it is extraordinary .There are instances you surely would wonder .

Have trust in "Him" , if you do .Just let him live his way , his own life .Seek assistance but if it perturbs him ,you feel then psychiatry is not going to work .
I have seen autism related people ,many and they have adroitness in many aspects .

And lastly , I wish that he turns out to be normal !
Even if he is so ,then he is not lagging behind in mental abilities but he is simply beyond our realms of understanding .

Have faith in whom you believe things will soon see a good turn .I can understand your worries .But don't fret .Get your hands over a Carnegie classic and learn how to get over such maddening worries .That's the best I can proffer !
Thank you for your response. He is very healthy as far as his climbing skills and agility go. He has low iron and is a poor eater. He has great muscle tone and no outward physical features of any disorder.

My main concerns for him are language and cognitive skills. He doesn't understand language. While he likes children very much he can't follow games or circle times. He has no speaking or expressive communication. He doesn't respond to his name.

But he has no behavioral problems. Socially he is also wonderful. But you have to remember he doesn't understand games.

Right now we are working with specialists to determine if he has autism or a speech and language disorder or is a late developer.

I see many red flags because of his limited understanding, reluctant eating, and speech regression.

Hoping for the best.
He doesn't sound autistic but I'm not an expert just a mom of a high functioning ASD and have read everything I could get my hands on. Go to Autism Speaks. I learned so much from them. There are many professionals that contribute to the site and willing to answer your questions, plus it's free unless you choose to buy a book.
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