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what are the chances?

I'm just curious as to what the chances are that my son or any other children I have will have autism.  I was diagnoised with autism when I was younger.  I now have a 15 month old son.  He doesnt seem to have any signs of it now as he respons to his name when it's said he points at things he can say a good many words but mostly just babbles, he walks and he acts pretty normal I guess, I'm just wondering what the chances would be of him having it?  And if my furture children would have it.  My husband's newphew was diagnosed with autism a few weeks ago he just turned three in May.  He doesn't talk always hollars doesn't point out things does show much affection, hates going out in public, doesn't play with any other kids but his cousin who lives there she's a year younger then him, he always jumps, and likes to spin this one thing around and around in circles all the time, he throws fits and does the same thing nearly everyday.  My son isn't my husbands child biologically, but I'm curious since me having it if he would have it or what the chances are and if me and my husband had a child together what the chances would be of them having it?
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Hi kaykay2k13.

The genetic factor on it's own accounts for only 1% of all autism cases.
So, I wouldn't be concerned.
Just read about anything related to autism and use common sense and wisdom in how you take care of yourself and your children.

Best wishes.
Niko ,
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Hi.  Genetics does play a role in autism and it often does run in families.  The statistic from Autism Speaks, the organization that works extensively with autism is that 15 percent of all autism is genetic.  Most often though, it is a combination of genetic risk and environmental issue (such as the mom's job, age, etc.).  

I would not assume your children will have autism.  Take issues as they come and deal with them then.  Try not to let anxiety seep into your enjoyment of your children.  As they age, you'll know more.  I contend that lots of kids have various issues to some degree.  it's not uncommon.  We just help them as best we can and most go on to have good lives.  

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Well, in light of the exponential rates of increase in Autism cases in the last couple decades, the up to recent  higher suspected (I have seen no conclusive studies) genetic connection has  now been seriously challenged as there's no statistical basis to support this!

There are relatively few gene mutations either inherited or developed in our cells, which we can detect AND which also can directly cause disease or cause changes to the way our bodies function (to possibly initiate disease processes).

In 1995 the number of autistic children in the US was 1 in every 1,000.
By 2009 it had climbed to 1 in every 91!

Beware of the vaccine proponents and the medical/pharmaceutical
establishment, who have NO answers regarding autism, yet would like to
divert attention away from vaccines (I'm in no way suggesting that vaccines
are THE cause, but I think" vaccinomania" has a bit to do with autism)
to other causes, like genetics.

The research, however is going  more towards the genetic aspect,
nonetheless, we will be able to extract nothing until we  have a much better understanding of the precise mechanisms how the part of the brain that influences behavior and development, from prenatal stages and on, can get affected this way.

So for the time being we do our best as parents to enjoy them, to love them and stay abreast with children's developmental and health related issues.



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The CDC and Autism Speaks Organization concur on statistics of genetic connection within families of autism spectrum disorders.  A child of someone who has autism has a greater risk.  A sibling of an autistic child has a greater risk.  Those numbers have been shown through research.  

But it is but one risk factor.  Environment also plays a heavy role as does things like maternal age and new studies suggest paternal age as well.  

Personally, I think ALL parents are wise to be aware and help their child if they see them challenged in some way.  And even when they are challenged, enjoy them and love them.  

There is no link ever proven in any way that vaccinating children has anything to do with autism.  That is a myth that many have tried very hard to prove but are unable (because it isn't true).  It's a parents choice to vaccinate or not but they shouldn't NOT vaccinate due to the propaganda of the natural/holistic/spiritual health side of the issue that is also alive and well.  

Every parent has to do what they feel is best.  And I fully agree, love and enjoy your kiddos no matter what!
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You have autism or Asperger? Big difference (to me and to the US society for Autism and Asperger). I have Asperger, my son as well, my father very certainly too and I suspect quite a few uncles and one aunt on this side of my family also have Asperger. Asperger is very much a hereditary condition, I'd say about 1/3 of my uncles/aunts (grand total of 11 siblings) are probably Aspies (just a guess), and I also think their father (my grand father) was an Aspie as well.

Autism is much less hereditary (from what I have read).

My son was diagnosed as an Aspie at 30 months, though they were a few signs before that, the main ones being his delay in speech and his clumsiness.

I agree it would be good to know if your child is on the spectrum or not so he can have adequate therapies if needed. Speak with your pediatrician, he/she can refer you to a psychologist that can test your child.
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