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ANA 1:1280, +ro +la, FSH 6, itchy rash, no answers

I went into the doctor with a terrible itchy rash all over (little scabby sores, red spots, and round dry spots that itch terribly around the clock), a long history of irregular periods, ovarian cysts, continued bleeding, spotting, and bloody discharge for 34 straight days (so far), severe fatigue and anxiety, heartburn, cold intolerance, and frequent bladder pain (as thought I'm getting a UTI). She had/has no idea what it could be. Blood tests showed an ANA titer of 1:1280, RO+, RO+, Epstein Bar Nuclear Antigen of 539 (currently neg. for active virus), TSH 6, and free T4 .9 she says she has no idea what is going on, it's not likely hypothyroidism since my T4 is low, and scheduled me for a Rheumatologist appt.... in 6 MONTHS. That is the soonest they have and I am losing my mind from constant itching and bleeding. I'm destroying my skin and all my bedsheets, clothes, and sexy life with my husband. Please, please someone out there offer me an opinion, advice, or a solution. It would be so appreciated.
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I would find a Rheumy that can get you in sooner than six months.  You may also want to consider going to a Gyno.  You could have endometriosis or something else that needs attention.  You sound like you have some sort of autoimmune disorder.  If a doctor started you on Plaquinel (sp?) it would probably start helping you before that other appointment date even gets here.  Good luck.  Don't wait on doctors, be your own advocate.  I had to learn that years ago.
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Your thyroid labs indicate hypothyroidism. Test for Hashimoto'thyroiditis.
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I meant Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I have this autoimmune disease and my TSH was 6 when I started thyroid medication.
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Unfortunately, there is no Rheumy that can see me in less than 6mo, within a 3hr drive. Which SUCKS! I tried to dig more into my thyroid numbers but my doctor was VERY insistent that I do not have hypothyroidism, even though I kept pushing for more answers about it. I'm not sure how to continue bringing it up, when she's so certain that's not what it is. It's to a point of super awkward when I talk about it.
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I understand you are having difficulty getting an appt with Rheumatologist . That’s not uncommon for the good ones.
Two  ideas:
Call docs office and ask to speak to his nurse. Explain how you cannot stand it anmote. This is pretty much unbeatable. These people always leave a little time opened for emergencies you just to need to convince nurse you are suffering. The nurse has his ear and he will listen to them.

The latest think is going to doctors on the Internet.
This really happening and may be the wave of the future.
If you can find one have a list of things you want to say and a list of questions you have. Be thorough!!

To your good health!

Did I mention see a dermatologist ASAP .

They deal with the skin, I know because I was going through hell with my itching

They will test your blood, give you a RX for clobetasol, give you RX for itch pill, I use doxepi. Pills, anti itch spray levicyn.
They may take a biopsy.
I am a layperson and I advise you see a Dermatologist right away.
Each person is different so you must see the Detamatolofist.
Wishing you good health soon!


Please note I am not in the healtfield.
But I am a patient with several illnesses .

Jim or James
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I have also seen two OB's who scratch their heads and act baffled by my extremely irregular period and frequent bleeding issues, but refuse to order any tests and insist I try different forms of birth control. I was told that I am "too young to have cancer or any other serious illness". Dead serious. I'm afraid to try and see a third, I have 3 children and making these appointments aren't easy.
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Check out the article from hypothyroid Mom: 300+ Hypothyroidism Symptoms…Yes REALLY. That is not a complete list of possible symptoms either. Another article to check out from Hypothyroid Mom is: Top 5 Reasons Doctors Fail To Diagnose Hypothyroidism. Here is an excerpt...

"Mary Shomon, author of the book that changed my life Living Well With Hypothyroidism, shared this important list of recommended lab tests.

Thyroid Tests "Normal" But You Don't Feel Well?

If you're undiagnosed, or a thyroid patient taking thyroid hormone replacement medications, being in the "normal" range does not mean you feel well, or that your treatment is optimized. What levels are considered "optimal*" by many integrative physicians?

~ TSH - Typically less than 2.0
~ Free T4 - Top half of the reference range
~ Free T3 - Top half - top 25th percentile of reference range
~ Reverse T3 - Lower end of normal range
~ Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPO) - Within reference range
~ Vitamin D - Above 50
~ Ferritin - Above 60 (Above 80 if experiencing hair loss)

* we are all different, one size doesn't fit all, so these are guidelines. Your optimal levels may vary."

Just to add to that, the vitamin D listed above is in ng/mL so above 50 ng/mL converts to above 125 nmol/L. Reading the latest studies on vitamin D, recommended currently (and may change as more research comes to light) - optimal is 40 - 60 ng/mL (100 - 150 nmol/L).  

I believe ferritin (iron storage protein) is the same measurement worldwide but someone correct me if I'm wrong about that. Also another thyroid lab test is thyroglobulin antibody (TgAb).
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