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Anyone have onset of autoimmune disease after taking antivirals?

I cannot be the first to notice that most antivirals only stimulate the immune system and do not actually kill the virus. What happens if a healthy immune system is stimulated?  Autoimmune disease or autoimmune related neurological problems for example MS?  Autoimmune disease means your immune system is overactive but busy attacking your own organs, brain, spinal cord, whatever the specific disease targets.  That is why autoimmune patients catch so many viruses, your immune system is to busy attacking your own body to fight disease.  However, it is plenty active. It is very different, for example, in cases of HIV where you are immune deficient and could use antiviral stimulation of your immune system.  There is constant debate over whether or not viruses are causing autoimmune disease?  Anyone ever consider that the sudden rise in autoimmune disease coincided with development of antiviral drugs? Sovereignty means that you cannot sue the FDA or manufacturer, but what if the marketer and manufacturer is in another country.  At any rate, I would like to at some point when I am better begin organizing a research study and web page devoted to this issue.  Any feedback or suggestions?  
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