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My first symptom I woke up blind in right eye. Optic nuritits but steroids did nothing. This was almost two years ago. Have had MRI spinal tap and every blood panel known to man done all negative.symptoms now include the blindness, severe joint pain, severe fatigue. Can't sleep, no desire to eat, rapid weight loss. Trouble swallowing often choke on own saliva. Can't be touched anywhere without it hurting, bruise easily. Slurred speech and balance issues. Constant high white blood cell count but no ongoing infections.please help
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Hi Carolu46.
I'm so sorry for your suffering.
Before reaching any conclusions which rule out
certain conditions, one should be extremely vigilant
when it comes to accepting blindly the integrity and accuracy of the processes involved , leading to the conclusions.
Taking test results at face value, could be an independent risk factor, as it might lead to the perpetuation of lack of diagnosis and eventually the possibility of misdiagnosis-often with a "junk" medical label, which fits many of the symptoms.
Having said this, have you ruled out Lyme disease?
Before you say yes, or that Lymes does not exist in HI ,
please note that yes in Lymes disease (as in yes it has been ruled out) does not mean yes!
You must deal with a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor and the only Lab for properly testing (complete Lyme & co-infection
panel) is IGeneX Labs in Palo Alto, CA.
There's a denial in the medical system including the Hawaii State Department of Health, that Lymes Disease exists as a chronic infection. In addition to this they claim that  the type of tick that spreads this disease is not present in Hawaii,therefore there"s no Lymes Disease there. Simply WRONG!
Lymes Disease could be contracted on the mainland or through another infected person ( through bodily fluids).
On the topic of Lyme's co-infections, which include pathogenic Mycoplamsa, Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichia
and others, it is notable that they are notoriously difficult to detect , as they are very evasive, hiding deep in the tissues and away from the blood circulation, rendering most standard blood tests totally useless.
Please do a search here in MedHelp under Dr. Garth
Nicolson, the world's leading expert in this field and also
a past contributor in MedHelp Forums for details.
He's the Founder of The Institute for Molecular Medicine.
A few more things I suggest you look into:
--Total cholesterol levels. If too low, hormonal and neurological functions will be critically impaired.
Levels below 150 mg/dl put you on a high risk!
-- Rule out Vitamin D Resistance (VDR)
Some common factors in this are high or low cortisol,
low cholesterol, obesity and VDR gene polymorphism
-- Normal or high vitamin B12 (cobalamin) in serum testing, but low levels of Methylocobalamin B12
(neurological and bioactive form of B12) in MMA testing,
indicating likely a low methylation issue.
Please let me know if you need any more details.
Best wishes,

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