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European STudies

I am curious as to why the studies performed in Europe did not show the same results.  They did NOT detect XMRV in their CFS pateints.  Can you explain why?

Also, if experts on organophosphate pesticides, and clinicians in the field, report that these pesticides and other chemicals can cause the EXACT same list of symptoms as CFS and fibromyalgia, (you have to admit, pain, fatigue, headache, irritable bowel, and muscle aches are a certain unique combination of symptoms) does that point the finger at a more environmental cause?  I do not think US governmental health agencies are capable of reporting the health effects of these chemicals due to the political realities.  The pharmaceutical industry is actually part of the larger, chemical industry.  That's how powerful it is!

How do we know XMRV is now just another co-infection like Epstain-Barr virus, perhaps brought on by chronic chemical exposure that damages the immune system?

This makes more sense to me, and a model for this theory was proposed years ago by MIT researcher Nicholas Ashford and Claudia Miller.

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Retro virus's are a totally different kind of viral infection.. They cause Immune dysfunction..XMRV is a slow retrovirus but it is still very serious.. Hope this helps answer your question.. When we have a BIG DEAL RETROVIRUS...( FOR INSTANCE HIV)... everything can cause us problems..allergies, invironmental chemicals, latent virus's, bacterial and fungal infections and auto immunity.. That's my take on it. Hugs, Nila
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