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Extremely High ANA

My ANA has continued to be 1:1280 since I became ill back in July.  I haven't seen any mention of someone with that high of an ANA.  I am afraid of what it is doing to my body that I can't see.

Does anyone have an ANA that high?  Please set my mind at ease.

Thank you,
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That is a high ANA but I have seen higher. The highest ANA I've seen was over 5,000.

I hope that answers your question and puts your mind at ease.

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Thanks it helps some.  I guess I am most upset about a conversation with my family doctor last Tuesday.  She didn't give me much hope for living a long happy life but instead I think was trying to be real with me.  She said with such a high ANA it will most likely but not definitly attack my kidneys or heart or something one day.  She told me doctors just don't know enoguh about it is why patients can't get answers.  She told me to stop thinking of myself as the person with Lupus and try to live my life as much as I can.  The more I think about that conversation, the more it gets to me.  I have been wanting to talk to my boyfriend about the way I feel since that conversation but I have held it inside because he has had the flu and doesn't feel good and he worries enough about me all the time, I don't want to make it more stressful on him.  Last night I had a dream that I died.  I have never had a dream like that before.  I think it just left me in a funk all day.
Thanks for the support.  I don't even know you but you have helped me a bit tonight.

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I'm sending you a few links that may be of extra help. I hear everything you are saying and I really do know how you feel. I first diagnosed with lupus (my ANA titer is 1:640 - speckled pattern) and then it was CFIDS w/ possibly some "symptoms of lupus".

I think you will feel at home when you check out the links I send you.

All the best & hang in there,

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One thing Lupus can do is play on your emotions.  We have all heard of horror stories of lupus patients dieing, but the majority live long and furitful lives.  My last ANA was 2,560.  But it was because I was needing a DX and spent time in the sun before my appt. One Dr. (Rhematologist) told me that I had a "MILD" form of Lupus.  

As Christians we need to encourage ourselves in the Lord.  We KNOW that He is able to do exceedingly, abundandantly MORE than we could ask or think.  Those that come to Him must believe that He exist and that He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.  We are not of those that shrink back, but we are those that press forward, press upward.  DON'T GIVE UP!  Don't let your emotions rule you.  Don't let what some dr. tells you control how you feel.  You chose what the word of God says over what the dr. says.  He is a not a man that He could lie.  God CANNOT lie.  Man can be wrong, but God cannot be wrong...ever!  Honey I believe that what we are going through is just a light temporary affliction.  Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.  

Be blessed, KaraJo
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I have been off of work since January because I am just exhausted. I was told years ago that I had colitis, I have blood in my urine always, body aches, etc.  You get the picture.  My ANA is 1:1280 (speckled pattern).  I just went to a reumatologist for a second opinion.  No blood work was done and she didn't even have the report from the first reumatologist or my bloodwork and from that she came up with the diagnosis of Firbromyalgia.  She gave me some anti-depressants and told me to join a support group.   I was furious. Like you I see huge changes in my body over the past two years.  I am scared and my doctors don't even recommend anything and I have to fight my insurance company who still will not send me to anyone reputable.  I just don't know where to turn.  Any suggestions from anyone out there?  I am 44 years old.  

Thank you
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