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Frustrated. Wanting to know what condition is this...

Hello. I'm new here to this site & I've been experiencing some issues as of late. I'm getting sick & tired of feeling congested at times plus having trouble sleeping doesn't help at all. I fall asleep on the couch around 11 at night only to wake up in the early AM hours (btwn 4-6) & having trouble falling back to sleep when going to bed. In addition, my left hand gets numb when I wake up & I notice that I get cold a lot. I'm getting very frustrated especially when I hear doctors tell me that my blood tests are "normal"... I'm skeptical now & I want answers- definitive answers to help me get my body back to its optimal state where it should be. Any pertinent information that you know of will be helpful & much appreciated.

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Believe it or not anxiety causes those symptoms.  The lack of sleep can add to it by making you more anxious and will exasperate your pain.  Getting frustrated with the docs add to that anxiety (I know, been there done that... lol)

Congestion could be related or not.

Have you done a sleep study?
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Could be sleep apnea or allergies.  You need a sleep study, like whoknows said.
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