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IVIG for Multiple Sclerosis

I just recently had 3 rounds of IVIG for a severe MS exacerbation.  It worked.  The downside was that during it I had terrible headaches and neck pain.  But the problem... the weakness and muscle spasms are mostly gone.  Now after the last IVIG infusion on Monday... 3 days ago... I have developed severe pain in my lower back.  It has me crouched over and barely walking.  I have to use my shower chair and walker because of it.  Will this just go away?  I have put in a call to the MS Center and I should know something soon, I hope.  Just was wondering if anyone else had this problem and how it was handled.  Thanks.
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IVIG therapy for MS adverse effects, show on various studies a trend to decrease over time.
Are you still on loading dose of IVIG or maintenance dose?

Most adverse events are experienced during the former and are NOT predictive of adverse events in the maintenance phase.

Get in touch with your treating doctor and have this checked thoroughly.

Best wishes,
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Hi there,
Have you posted this to the Medhelp MS community too?

Someone there might have experience that could help too.
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