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Long Term Pleurisy

A year and a half ago I went to the ER with pretty bad pleurisy. The ER drs summed it up to light trama from being thrown from a horse 3 months prior. When it calmed down and I could breath easier they sent me home.
It never fully went away. I had check ups and because of my history with undiagnosed Lupus/UCTD/Lyme Disease possibilities it wasn't a big concern because it was affecting me very badly.
I was really starting to get better and felt almost well, working full time and the only lingering symptom was mild pleurisy if I got super upset or stressed or hurt.

I moved and went from being very physically active working full time at low elevation climate to 4500ft elevation and not working or having a job. I didn't feel sick or weak until we started hunting a month ago.

Hiking up large hills and mountian sides.
On day three we were going at a fast pace and I started lossing control of my breathing. I continued to take breaks but couldn't catch my breath. My heart was going crazy and my chest felt like it was going to explode with every breath. I sat down and rested the remainder of the day. Since that day my chest has gotten worse.
I now cant catch my breath after going up a flight of stairs or getting in or out of the car. Flat surface walking doesn't get me as bad. But my muscles are very weak again and when they get tired(which happens fast) I lose my breath.
Talking and walking at the same time cause me to have to take a break. It's progressively getting worse.

Today I didn't do hardly anything this morning and I can't calm my chest down. I'm trying not to move or talk so I can keep my breathing very steady and smooth so that it doesn't hurt as bad.

I'm debating whether or not to go to the ER but we live in a very small town and I am told the drs are not the most compatent. I haven't heard of anything really helping pleurisy except fixing the underlying issue. I know you can get it from an infection, or trama or heart issues and as a complication of autoimmune diseases.
I take plaquinel for my autoimmune symptoms but steroids never helped just made me miserable to live with.
We didn't try immuno suppressents because we didn't have a positive diagnosis. I've tested negative for everything but have had test results point to many things. Neg ANA, possitive RA, inflammation markers through the roof, unusual wbc, actually at one time had blood cancer type results come back. The didn't pursue it because I am way too young for the rare hemo cancer I tested pos for. Oncologist ruled it as a fluke.

I just want this to be over with and to get back to where I can be active again. I am a horse trainer and right now I can't even lung my horse. Maintaining my frustration and keeping my stress level down is a full time job in itself. I've been through the ringer before, I know that stress inflames autoimmune diseases and disorders and I need to keep my mental state very stable in order to get a handle on this.

My question I guess is, if anyone has had pleurisy of this magnatude and has lasted this long, if so, what can I do to calm it down.

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Hey fordwoman.
You're pretty smart to have figured out a lot of this stuff.
I just got rid of my pleurisy 2 weeks ago. It was an acute bout that re-emerged after years. And I thought I had gotten rid of everything offensive out of my body for good! Leftovers ,I guess of old traumas and infections.
DMSO-you must be familiar with it as horse trainer-, 2-3 full body applications daily along with serious deep self-hypnosis and Reiki every evening did it! Thank God, as I felt like a wreck for a few days. Brought me back memories from my Auto-immune days!
(I do Hypnotherapy also in my Holistic practice)
You must get an LLMD internist or infectious disease specialist to get you tested for Borellia and or Pathogenic Mycoplasma infections or co-infections through IGENEX labs ONLY!
Mycoplasma Pneumoniae is probably one of the microorganisms (infection) affecting your breathing but ask for a complete Lyme and Co-infection Panel.
Malic acid supplementation will restore some of your muscular strength
fairly quickly. And take it easy physically for now. Your body cannot handle too many stressors! You need to get back to balance and your immune system strengthened. No treatment protocol can be effective if this is not done!
Let me know if you have any questions.
Take care
P.S. I use Lab grade DMSO 30/70 with distilled water below neck line
and 10/90 above neckline, thin application-no rubbing on clean skin.
I forgot to mention Magnesium Oil massage-leave on for 30' and then shower every other day.
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Thank you for the advice.
I actually did go to a naturopathic Lyme specialist, did the whole IGENEX borellia and co infections, it came back IgG IGENEX positive, IgG CDC neg, IgM IGENEX positive and IgM CDC positive.
My insurance would only cover a DR so I went to an infectious disease dr and he said because there was a IgG cdc neg he wouldn't treat me. And he didn't think my symptoms matched any infectious disease.
I'm not familiar with Reiki?? And I've never done self hypnosis.

I started doing yoga and meditative yoga last year. I'm about to start that again. But I would like to learn more about what you mentioned. I've always been a little nervous about using DMSO, But I guess if you just make sure your skin is clean there isn't anything to worry about.

One of the many Lyme specialists I went to said  to stay away from magnesium?? He actually thought it was not lyme but a different infection that was made up of a few of the known co-infections and hids in a biofilm.
I went to a different holistic nurse and he did some strange type testing and found that I had borellia several co infections and felt that my autoimmune involvement was triggered by lyme.
He wanted to start me on a shake of a whole bunch of very expensive herbs and supplements to support my adrenal glands and heart and lower the inflammation and fight the infection. I didn't try it because it seemed a little different and I definately could not afford it. It was going to be some 400 a week. I was self employed and no way could afford it.

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Hey fordwoman88,
You're even smarter than I thought originally!  You come across very mature, considering your young age.
DMSO is a great antioxidant and pain remedy and very harmless, as long as you follow the few rules as mentioned in my previous post.

Magnesium removes sodium from inside the cells at night thus having an alkalizing effect. Low magnesium levels lead to high acidity and tension in the cells, with a great impact on internal muscles such as those in the digestive tract, the bowels, the urinary tract and in ALL of the lung activity.
Magnesium is instrumental in cholesterol synthesis. Cholesterol in turn is
necessary for bile production, myelin lining (which protects nerves from misfiring) production, an important component of most hormones and more.
Immunoglobulin levels decrease substantially when Magnesium stores are very low. There are just too many processes-over 300- where magnesium is involved. Not sure about the lyme-magnesium controversy theory.
I would put my money on the magnesium.
Hypnotherapy is something very effective for pain management and re-programming. When booking a bundle of sessions, you also learn how to do self-hypnosis and the success is much higher than single sessions.
I only offer packages of 3,6 or 12 sessions, depending the complexity
and seriousness of the issues and conditions. For example for my "Fibro"
group in 2012 it will consist of 12  combo sessions of Hypnotherapy,
Reiki (Healing Energy Transfer)  Energy Psychotherapy and EFT.
A booster session is included after 6 months. The results are life changing!
Would you happen to know what kind of strange testing  the holistic practitioner performed?
I agree that the $400 weekly price is not feasible for most people.
Lesley Taylor N.D. has an interesting report on Pathogenic Mycoplasmas
and  treatment procedures overview -including holistic- that is worth looking into. When you search her name go to the second result first(Mycoplasma
Stealth Pathogens) and then to the 1st one (Profile)
Let me know what you think.
Take care!

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