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Muscle Twitches All Over

Hello there.

For the past view months, I've been experiencing muscle twitches all over my body. It happens throughout the course of the entire day. I'll get them on the very top of my stomach, the back of my leg (the crease), my calves, both feet, my legs, my knees, my arms and my face. I'll get upper eyelid twitches if I sneeze twice in a row or if I shut my eyes tightly.

Also, a few days ago, I woke up with my left calf tightened, like a muscle spasm. This pain lasted the whole day.

Is there anyway to stop this, or at the very least reduce the frequency of these spasms.
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Look into Magnesium Oil Transdermal treatments.
50-50 Magnesium chloride flakes with hot water, wait till it's cooled down
and then transfer to spray bottle.
Spray this on your body-avoiding sensitive parts- wait 30 minutes and then shower thoroughly.
Do daily at first and in a couple weeks do every other day.
You will feel the difference.

Also you may want to take foods with potassium, like bananas, apples,
oranges etc., just in case you're low.

Are you perhaps vegetarian?
Have you had your iron levels checked? Your B12 methylocobalamin?
Vitamin D3 levels?
You could have a deficiency in one of these.

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I'm not a vegetarian but I will try the Magnesium Oil treatment. The potassium level may be the problem. I'm not exactly one to have a "balanced diet". I'll try that before I do the oil treatment.
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