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What does scleroderma look like? Picture attached but I also have thick and whitened discoloration on bottom of my feet. (ANA/RNP positive).

This discussion is related to Concerned about ANA 1:640.

This discussion is related to Concerned about ANA 1:640.
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Here's another picture

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Hi maryalice.

I checked both of your photos against scleroderma images and
it is not possible to make any accurate determination.
My original suspicion of MCTD still stands from what you posted earlier in December and I was just wondering if you had followed up with the genetic testing, under-regulated thyroid function and pathogenic mycoplasma and their co-infections as a possible underlying chronic infections.
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No not yet, see my neuro on monday and I'm going to talk to him about it.
I hope he sends me to a dermatologist. If this was something like scleroderma, I just might start believing maybe it is MCTD, but I don't think it is. I don't even have raynaud's which I think makes that so unlikely. But I thought I'd ask. Was just curious of possible opinions. I'm still thinking might be something psoriatic.
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