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Thyroid/Adrenals/Hashimoto's Top Doctor~FRESH LOOK

I am currently listening to a top doctor talk about the connection between thyroid, adrenals and Hashimoto's...all having to do with your gut and your hormones.

here is the link for the podcast:


I would like to discuss this podcast with anyone who is willing to talk about what you heard here.
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She states that the PDR (physicians desk reference) says not to give thyroid meds unless ADRENALS have been checked first and are OK..otherwise you just make the whole issue worse. She also said the reason why this isn't done is because the only adrenal tests they have are for the disease Addison's...I'd like to know what your opinion is on the podcast.
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has anyone listened yet?  this is important information that will change the way you look at your disease.  We need to educate ourselves and not leave all the research to our doctors.  It's actually unfair to expect them to know everything about our illness.  they don't go home after working an 8 hour day and sit in front of the computer or hang out at the local library to see what the latest news is on Hashimoto's or thyroid disease.  they simply don't have enough hours in a day.

So take a listen and let's have a discussion.

Be well,
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I listened. What she had to say was interesting and made sense.
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I am seeing one of her associates today.
I am looking forward to talking to someone who believes I can heal from all of my dis-eased states.

Please..if you have not listened..you need to.  This interview and further investigation into Dr. Lang will change your life.  You can't fit everything you need to know on a board such as this.  YES it is great for support..but there is SO much you have yet to learn about what's happening to you.

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.If I understand it right, I think she was saying that the PDR lists uncorrected adrenal insufficiency as a contraindication if taking Synthroid or other thyroid hormone.  Supplementing the thyroid hormones increases the tissue demands for adrenal cortical hormones also which could lead to an adrenal crisis?  However, she also stated that most physicians do not check for adrenal insufficiency, just exhaustion.  So I guess we are out of luck if we stay within our current health care models!    
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yep..gotta get educated and find a doctor that is smarter than the average bear!

I'm lucky enough to be able to see one of Dr. Lang's associates.
Getting tests done now and then I'll go back for another consult.
They work long distance with people as well.

Estrogen Dominance is the number one cause of ALL thyroid diseases ( this is on one of her lecture series)...and then adrenal fatigue...estrogen dominance can easily be corrected...thus relieving the thyroid issue.

Always learning.
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Can't wait to hear your results!

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The tests Dr. Doris Compton had me do were:
mineral analysis ( had to be nails since I have NO HAIR) that was mailed last Friday.
in depth adrenal test ( mailed that yesterday)
CBC, Thyroid panel, and Vit D profile..had blood drawn yesterday

GOT a great deal at Directlabs.com on the blood work.  They had a special going ( I think it's until the end of the month) on the thyroid panel PLUS only $127 retails for over $500!  So that was GREAT.  Was VERY EASY to do..just go to the site..sign up..order tests...get a requisition form in 24 hours..go to one of their designated labs ( I went to LabCorp) and get blood drawn.  I am in the waiting process now..I think the results will show up in my account on Direct Labs site with a notice coming to my e-mail that says the results are in. VERY EASY..and the nurse that drew the blood was EXCELLENT!  That's always a plus. :-)

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Going to see Dr. Doris this week.  Will be back with what we are discussing.
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