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Used Methotrexate for Ankylosing spondylitis and a weak immune system???

Hi all,

I have a Ankylosing spondylitis. I used methotrexate from 2011 and now i take 12,5 mg methotrexate every week. I hear methotrexate is weaken my immune system. Somtime, i was ulcerative stomatitis... 11/2013 i have a test "A complete blood count", that test is shows: WBC=7.14k/uL;  %NEU=58.2; %LYM=32.3; LYM=2.3; %MONO=6.18; %EOS=2.10; %BASO=1.29  Is these my index show my immune system ok?

I stepped on a needle on 4 Feb 2014, bleeding my heel and have a risk (because i have a weak immune system). I have a combo test hiv after 28 days and result is negative. But a test CBC after is: WBC=7.32k/uL; %NEU=68.1; %LYM=24.5; LYM=1.79; %MONO=5.34; %EOS=1.89; %BASO=0.168. I see my lympho is decrease. I also have some "Signs And Symptoms Of Ars"

My question is: With my immune system( used methotrexate - immunosuppressive drug), the combo test after 28 days is correct? Please answer me. I also recieve a answer from Teak( didn't have a risk) in box HIV but i stll worry about my immune system.

Thank you very much.
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No body here.

Please help, please.
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lowered lymph count is normal on MTX. Usually I am asked to stop MTX if I think I have an infection. Your doctor will tell you if your blood counts are off or if you have to peel back a bit. Are you taking subq mtx or pills?

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Can you further explain the needle incident? How did you step on a needle and do you know where it came from?
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Thank for reply.

Sorry, maybe i'm wrong when said "stepped on a needle", correctly i "scratched" on a needle in dark and i cant apparent old needle or new needle. I have a hurt near the heel and a bleeding as when i kill a mosquito. I think i have a weak immune system (i usually have sore throat and heat mouth) and i worry if that needle have HIV.

28 days after risk i have a combo test hiv and that result is negative.
80 days after risk i have a combo test hiv and that result also negative. Should i have a test after 6 month?
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