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What auto immune disorder can have a genetic deficiency?

I have vein problems which caused me to get a venous stasis ulcer dating back to 1997. Often I get stasis eczema on the same leg as my original ulcer was. But I also get eczema type rashes on my lower back and usually one hip or the other. Also my arms. The itch of the rash is so bad I can hardly stand it. I've been told by dermatologist it's called atopic skin. I always have it worse in the winter than summer. And I live in South Carolina so it's not like we have a really hard winter. I don't quite understand why I get the other rashes on other areas. I also don't quite understand why I get statis eczema either.  I have had many ablations on my leg veins of both legs to close off bad veins. For no better why of explaining it I guess the valves in the veins fail. I don't get edema as much as I used to prior to surgeries. I also had a skin graft to replace the bad area on my leg where the skin would break down and develop a new ulcer. I have had to go thru wound care and had to wear unna boots for long periods of time to heal the ulcer. Not a lot of fun.  Not to mention debreding the ulcer prior to the unna boot application. Over the last 10 years I would say I have had a harder time staying well and keeping my leg healthy. I am 54. It is agrivating to me to be looked upon as playing sick to miss work. I don't do that. I have gone to work when my leg hurt so much I have had to take 800 mg Motrin twice a day. Sometimes Tylenol or sodium naproxen in between. I have gone to work sick.  I have a job where  stand Hairstylist 36 years. I work in a salon for children currently.  My husband and I have decided to have me stay home for awhile or permanently. What other disorders or deficiency has rashes, vein issues, dizziness and reaccuring bacterial infections. Oh and I forgot to mention Hypo thyroid and asthma.
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I forgot to mention I just found out I have mannose-binding Lectin deficiency. And I have had many ear infections, sinus infections, etc... Other my lifetime of 54 years.
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