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What autoimmune conditions have this sort of muscle pain?

I have a variety of neurological and muscular symptoms--autoimmune causes not ruled out yet. But one category is by far the most debilitating.

Are there autoimmune diseases that can cause essentially a drastic downgrade in muscular fitness? I used to have occasional random phases of this, but now it's constant: muscle burning from exertion, cramping, and followed by several days of flu-ish malaise and even then the muscles haven't recovered. My original fitness is now impossible, and "exercise" that flirts with triggering these symptoms are light movements that mimic dumbbell exercises but without any weights. I also trigger the flu-ish symptoms from walking fast or on hills for up to 20 minutes (if I walk really slow I can go longer). Overall I cannot build my fitness anymore, no matter how gradually.

As a visual, I can say my photography hobby has become a burden as holding my arms up for a few minutes results in obvious shaking and burning. Squatting several times to get lower angles burns my legs and sometimes I have to sit before I can try to get back up--the weakest muscle groups are the front of the thighs and outside of the upper arms. Grooming my horse has the same effect.
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Hi  perigrination! I replied to you last August.
I remember because I was in Crete at the time doing ...peregrination and the name stuck with me, lol!  Love those hiking expeditions, going through
gorges and mountains.

OK here it goes.
You must get to the bottom of the outstanding thyroid issue.
Secondary or thyroid resistance needs to be ruled out.
You must convince your doctor to order Free T3, Free T4 and reverse T3.
If your reverse T3 (rt3) comes back high, you need to take mainly natural desiccated thyroid, which is mostly T3, but it also contains T1 and T2
in small amounts and these are rebalancing thyroid hormones.
The main issue with rt3 is that it gets converted from T4, so if your doctor prescribes Levothyroxine or synthroid which are mainly T4, you're contributing to more rt3!
Rt3  is like a reverse thyroid hormone and it affects thyroid function.
There are probably more hypothyroid people with undiagnosed rt3 than not,
because the standard tests don't detect rt3!

The other thing to rule out is adrenal fatigue, (which I also mentioned this to you in the past )
- Test for  Cortisol and DHEA levels.
Look into: Functional Adrenal Stress Profile – BH #201 – Cortisol x 4,
2 averaged DHEA-S by BioHealth Labs. It's a saliva test.
Note: This is not an endorsement, just FYI for reference purposes.
However, I have personally found these Labs to be efficient, accurate and reliable.
The ongoing biological stress in your body, leads eventually to adrenal fatigue, which is easier to deal with in the initial stages.
One of the effects of this possibility is secondary hypothyroidism,
where the fatigued adrenals down-regulate thyroid function, for adrenal recovery.

You also need to rule out iron deficiency ( complete iron, hemoglobin,
ferritin etc panel would be good to get), vitamin D3 deficiency or vitamin D resistance (VDR),
B12 methylocobalamin and methylfolate deficiencies (these are neurological forms of these vitamins and you need an MMA test or a CSF
homocysteine test to detect these deficiencies).

You live in one of the most open states for alternative and complimentary
medicine and you should have no trouble getting a holistic minded
doctor/heath practitioner to facilitate all this for you.

I also mentioned in my original post about tartaric acid. Did you perhaps do anything for that? Here's a little refresher:
If you consume many cabs, there's a likelihood you have high tartaric acid-a muscle toxin- which is malic acid antagonist.
The simple fix is to lower carb intake and consume as a supplement 1-2 Tablespoons of raw ACV daily-the best food source of malic acid, vital for
the Krebs cycle (metabolic/energy processes).

Another suggestion I have is to try MSM powder-you might know about this already since you have a horse- which is great for recovery, oxygen
delivery to the tissues, joint pain, sinuses....

My recovery from weight training is incredible, my fatigue and onset muscle soreness is minimized and I honestly feel 1/2 my age with just the few holistic things that I do, one of them being MSM powder intake, 1 teaspoon x 2 daily. I bike, swim, hike, cross country ski...
I buy the one for horses, lol ,  which is 99.8% pure MSM, in 5Kg pails,  much cheaper than the small containers ... for human use. It's likely the same thing, just marketed differently.

Magnesium Oil transdermal is something you may want to try, in order to boost your magnesium stores in the safest and most efficient way.
No need to test, as a trial is a form of testing. Spray on your body, leave it to absorb for 20 -30 minutes and then shower. It's that simple!
Repeat every other day.

I hope something from all these suggestions will help and please feel free to ask me any questions anytime!


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In short, yes, some AI diseases can do exactly what you describe. I was competitive in several sports my entire life until I noticed an unusual, steady decline and recovery wasn't anything like it used to be. Both strength and coordination were affected. Now simply doing normal things require focus and pushing it isn't an option at all. So see a rheumy if you find no other answers - it's amazing when your body suddenly seems alien to yourself.
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I've had more extensive and sensitive labs run since the thyroid post. Thyroid, adrenals, metabolic/mitochondrial, vitamin, and electrolyte panels are in very healthy range. The sad part is the internet is so convoluted that I can't do research on muscle pains as every imaginative keyword combination yields SEO saturated commercial and social media type article sites/mills--not exactly quality sources. All I have to go off of are documented causes of POTS/dysautonomia or, if my form is autoimmune, then my muscle issues are a separate autoimmune condition. However, besides mitochondrial diseases or muscular diseases--which have been ruled out--I have not found a condition that has this type of muscle weakness/cramping/burning from regular activities.
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