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What is wrong with me?!

So to start I have some heart issues and have a pacemaker. I am on meds to keep heart rate down. About five years ago I had a positive ANA test of 1:320 but other inflammatory blood tests weren’t high. Doctor said at the time could be AI and prescribed me Anti malaria meds but I never took it because I didn’t really have many symptoms then and was scared to fake more meds. Fast forward to about a year ago. Started having a lot of kidney issues. Lots of infections and blood in urine etc. GFR went from 112 five years ago to now 69 so I have no idea what is happening. The doctor put me on a long term antibiotic after being on multiple antibiotics over the last year but after about five weeks on it I developed a rash all over my body. When to the dermatologist and she said looked like lupus. Did a biopsy but it didn’t show anything for sure. I also got diagnosed with colitis last year and was on a steroid for a few months with that. I’m kind of just confused where to go now. Still have the rash and wondering if it’s just an allergic reaction to the antibiotic or what then day before yesterday woke with a painful sore inside my mouth. I’m so frustrated and just want to feel better.
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