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        i am ppms for decades.  i used avonex for 4years from 99 to 2003.  it probably made me worse.  any how!!  i only use baclafen and ampyra.  baclofen helps my upper body and ampyra gives me slightly better over all neurologic function.  my food choices are for health, rather than enjoyment and i exercise everyday.  i developed a program to help me walk and move when hot or maxing out muscle.  i work my core daily,  do push ups against kitchen counter daily.  and work with lite weights every other day.  my program is to do high repitition with very lite weights.  i am 62 years old and in the best shape of my life.  
             reading the dr remarks about mycoplasma infections in ms patients, got me thinking.  i have had nasal drip and coughing chronically for the last couple years.      barry

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