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hashimoto and hair loss

hi, i was just diagnosed with hashimoto, normal tsh.  massive hair loss.  over 80%.   what can  I do to stop the hair loss? does it ever stop?
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I feel your pain.  I do not have hashimotos to my knowledge however I have the hairloss.  Lost about 50% painfully I may add.  Painful scalp.  I think if perhaps you can get your thyroid under control that possibly the hairloss might stabalize and regrow?  Can you try a good hair vitamin and some stress techniques?
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First off hashimotos is a autoimmune disease that causes your own immune system to see your thyroid gland as an invader.  

Hair loss is very common in people with auto immune disorders.  Most often there is very little that can be done but you could try biotin which is an over the counter supplement.  Biotin is supposed to help your nails and hair.  Sometimes this does the trick.  Other times it does not.  

Go talk to your physician regarding the alopecia. He or she may have some other recommendations.  
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