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ANA positive among other things. My symptoms.

I'm 42 yo, 360 pounds
Due to a couple years with joint pain which I thought was gout -I normally have uric acid above 8- I took a blood test
ANA positive 1.27 and above 1.25 is potivie
LE cells positive
Hematocrit 57%
Hemoglobin 18
Protein c reactive 3.2
Sedimentation rate 73, normal is 20
All other values including remathologic factor in range, except uric acide 8.

At the moment of the test I had knee pain, elbow pain and sinusitis

Do I have an autoinmune disorder?, can gout cause those values? I dont have fever, rash, fatigue or other symptom, just joint pain sometimes and lasts a couple weeks. I usually take colchicine for them

I'm a bit scared because the ANA positve etc.
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Ana is incredibly non specific. The vast majority of Ana positive people don’t have an autoimmune disorder and never develop one. Obviously talk to your doctor.

Plus your so close to the range your weak positive. So at my lab I was 1.7 (normal up to 1) 1-3 was weak positive. They don’t worry unless it’s above 3 there.
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