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Anyone Looking To Find ROOT Causes and REVERSAL of their disease?

I am..was just wondering if anyone else is...I believe that the body has the ability, if given the right "tools" to return to a state of health and wellness.  I'm working on this today.  Wondering if anyone else is? What's your journey been like..what are you finding out? Do you have a doctor that thinks the same?  I have two that believe the body can heal given the right circumstances, which means the right supplements, detoxification etc.

Thanks for your comments ahead of time.
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Hi, I'm new here and am not really sure how to get around the site...but I have just read most of the page above where I am typing...I know that my symptoms are aggrevated by some foods - I just can't figureout which ones!!  HELP!!
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One thing I learned over vacation..if your hormones aren't balanced..man or woman you are going to have trouble with diet and exercise and anything else you do BEFORE you start to feel better.

Please go to www.restorativeendocrinology.com and follow the link to the on-line radio interview with Dr. Janet Lang ( I'm seeing one of her associates today).

Also e-mail me about the new autoimmune board I'm setting up.

Eat well, live well, be well.
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Just to comment on CHANGE...you need support!  I've been a Life Coach for over 15 years and taught self help groups/workshops and worked with people one on one.  The key to change, from what i have been able to witness are two fold...
1. education and your WHY..why do you want to make the changes and education around supporting those changes.  for example..wanting to reverse an autoimmune disease..you have to educate yourself on HOW others have done it.  The changes they made and what worked for them, research the medical documents, educating yourself on how it can be done.

2. outside support, whether on-line or where you live..you need others around you to understand what you're trying to do and you have to EDUCATE them on how they can support you in making those changes...for example if you're trying to not eat wheat or gluten, if you have a party to go to, bring your own food and talk to the person having the party and say can we have fresh veggies and fruit too?

From there you have to realize your organizational skills will need to be honed and your time management skills will need to be worked on.

Good luck,
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Back from vacation and trying to catch up with posts. Will respond as I have time.
Kids back in school.
Saw a new dermatologist Monday..I'm smarter than her..no help.
Seeing a new doctor today an associate of Dr. Janet Lang ( www.restorativeendocrinology.com) go to her site and listen to her interview on Talk America, you won't be the same after you hear her.  Going to hopefully get hormones balanced WITHOUT adding hormones or taking bioidentical..going to get my body back to balance and doing what it's suppose to do on it's own.  I'll stay in touch with updates on what she's doing with me.
ALSO starting my own autoimmune board:understanding what's happening..sharing EVERYTHING I am learning and doing with anyone who wants to read,educate and share their own stories.  Just a bit more intimate than a site this big...this site is awesome, don't get me wrong..just more intimate and can ask questions etc.  Will have all the research I've done and documentation as to why I believe what I believe about healing and reversal of disease.

Take care..I'll be back.
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I was never arguing against want20bike, and the principal of eating well. I believe 100% in eating the right things. But don't think it's as easy as just giving it a try because it is a whole life style change. I'm positive that want2bike will tell you that it takes a lot of work and effort and desire to eat that way, and I think it's a great idea but it's a huge commitment and difficult to stick to. BUT I think it's absolutely worth it and if i didn't have my autoimmune issues,  i would probably feel like a million bucks like i did before getting ill last year.  Basically I think eating right is worth it,  but trust me it's not easy.

The only thing i was arguing against was his/her original discourse that is all.  If you read his/her original posts he/she says it's a cure, which is just not true. It might put you into remission it's not a cure for autoimmune issues there is no cure.

Anyhow I agree 100% what what you are saying.


I don't think you really read my whole post. I never said people should not try to change and eat the right things. Only was pointing out that I'm guessing the reason you were kicked off the MS forum was not because of your alternative ideas, but your discourse. You need to be more aware of how you are phrasing things. It's not the concept of eating a particular diet that offended people, it's how you phrased it. Re-read your old posts..... you are basically insinuating that it is the disease sufferers fault that they are still sick since they don't eat the right things, and that they are too stubborn to try. I'm not offended... it doesn't bother me, but i don't suffer from MS, so I'm just saying i can see why you did offend.

I don't care if you say something like "I healed my self" and "Doctors did nothing for me" but.... not everyone has had the same experiences as you, so you shouldn't say it like that. Also when you say things like  "you can heal yourself" it just reads wrong.... sorry.

I'm sorry that you've had bad experiences with Doctors.  It definitely explains where the chip on your shoulder came from.

I never said natural healing was bad and that doctors are the way to go....I haven't read anyone on here that has said that.... I dont think there is a person on earth that will tell you that eating the right foods is not good for you and has no benefits, it's common sense.

Lastly, most of these diseases are idopathic meaning they don't know WHAT causes them, there is no proof that diet or food caused the diseases in the first place and there is no proof that changing your diet will do anything, except in the case of some autoimmune diseases where there does seem to be a link between diet, leaky gut and that being the catalyst for the disease.

I believe in eating right and doing all I can to help my body, but also allowing for the wonders of modern medicine to help me along. I cannot help but being in awe of all that we have accomplished in medicine over the last hundred years. It's also not always a cure. neither medicine or diet are 100% cures for all ailments. All we can do for ourselves is do the best we can for our own bodies, be our own advocates, and seek medical help when we need it.

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I am with want20bike he is telling you that eating correct might or might not cure you but if there is a chance why not try it. And just think how much worse you might feel if you weren't eating the way you do. I say to people out there do knock it unless you try it. I know you are doing it and you don't see any difference but like I said just think how much worse you might feel if you weren't doing. I believe it does cure some people just like I think somew medicine cure people and that is the point keeping the options open.
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