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Autoimmune? Lupus? Thoughts.

Hey there, I'm wondering if you guys have any thoughts as to whether this is an autoimmune esp. Lupus.

Im a 33 yr old female. I was diagnosed with classic complicated migraines in the 1980's and sun allergy PMLE in 2005. In the last few years, however, I have had bouts of hives on the palms/soles, butterfly rash on the face (not horrible but visible), fatigue, recurring ovarian cysts, periodic UTI. Also ave constant sacral/hip pain for the last year or so. Doctors have looked at Lupus and Angioedema

Maybe of significance: Igm 274, C3 74, C4 19, ch50 >60, anemia RBC 3.86, HCT .352 (MVC, MCHC, Iron, TIBC, Saturation all normal), low T/DHEA.

Normal: ANA, ELISA, AB, IF, ASE3, Vitamins, electrolytes, BP cholesterol normal. Sacral ex-ray looks normal.
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Oh the FSH/LH were in luteal phase
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Thanks so much for your ideas, you are really kind to take the time to explain things to me.

Yeah the ND was saying adrenal fatigue and did Testosterone, Progesterone, Estradiol, DHEA and morn, lunch, dinner and evening cortisol saliva test and then the cortisol blood test. The T was under 10, DHEA one very low end of normal, Estradiol semi low, P was mid range, morning and noon cortisol normal and dinner and evening low norm. My adrenal fatigue questionnaire was positive for symptoms and negative for identified stressors thats why (along with other health issues) they were thinking AF was due to chronic condition.

I will mention the GI pathogen screen and oil treatment at my next appointment coming up. What you are saying with the dental health makes sense too, will mention it as well. Its a real shame with the dental thing those were me first cavities ever!!! As for diet, I have been on a very very healthy migraine diet since I was 4 but I'll try to increase the greens, I'll try anything really.
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I checked all your results against normal reference values, which are within range except for the TSH (which is of the least dx value to my opinion), the FT4, T3, blood cortisol (ideally you should get a saliva test- see my suggestion*below) and the LH (which is cyclical and is within range, but only if in  follicular phase). The TSH, FT4 and FT3 you must state lab ranges, as they vary.

*Look into : Functional Adrenal Stress Profile – BH #201 – Cortisol x 4, 2 averaged DHEA-S only available through Professional Health Practitioners in the US.
I would also recommend you look into the "GI Pathogen Screen",  especially if your cortisol levels come back low.
Cortisol regulates the immune cells in our gut so when cortisol is depleted those cells become dysregulated, making us more susceptible to pathogens like bacteria, yeast, and parasites.

Your ND should be able to help you explore all this.
Personally for cortisol testing, would choose the above 4x saliva testing, as
which to my opinion is more indicative of  bioavailable (unbound) circadian  cortisol levels.
Also ask him/her also if s/he's familiar with OAT (Ovarian-Adrenal-Thyroid) Axis imbalance.  

Did you do the adrenal fatigue self- screening questionnaire?
If not, you may do a search for one or I can send you the one I have been using.

Your dental and oral health may correlate with your overall health.
Dental infections and toxicity, gradually seep into the body causing damage.
The oral cavity offers the perfect environment for these offenders, which is also the main entry point of infectious pathogens into the body.

I strongly recommend you consider doing "Oil Pulling" with coconut oil on a daily basis in order to improve your oral health, dental hygiene and most importantly, to prevent billions of pathogns and toxins from entering your body.
Just look it up, or if you need details, I'll send them to you.

Try for a more alkaline diet, minimize/avoid stress triggers, eat more fresh
leafy greens and salads (they're rich in vit. K which helps transport calcium to teeth, bones and joints, instead of soft tissues.)

Hope this helps.
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Oh I completely forgot about this but it seems important as well,

My dentist says there is acid damage to my teeth, she expected small cavities but found near root canals and a lot of bone loss. She referred me to be evaluated for GERD or autoimmune...again.

Here also also some other things docs have tested:
Blood Norephinepherine 520, Epinephrine <20, Dopamine <30, Total catecholamines 520
Metanepherine (free) 35, Normetanepherine 140, Metaanepherines total 175.
Rhumatoid factor <9 (2012)
Negative C Trachomatis Amplified, N Gonorrhoea Amplified, TB, tree/food allergy prick test
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Hi Light Seeker and anyone who may have some thoughts,

Thanks so much for your comments, I hate to be of bother but what do you think about these thyroid results:

TSH 1.85 and later 1.18, Free T4 14.2 and later 18.2, T3 146, Thyroglobulin AB Negative and TPO AB negative.

You sound right with the adrenal fatigue, a naturopath was thinking the same thing likely due to fighting something chronic. I'm also getting the adrenal test for pituitary this week because of low FSH.

Saliva evening cortisol was low end normal
Blood cortisol was 215. FSH 1.79.
LH was 2.19, not sure that is significant.

Thanks so much,

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Prolonged unregulated thyroid function may lead to sigificant organ involvement, often prior to the onset of lupus.
Low DHEA may be underlying other hormonal deficiencies-adrenal fatigue is suspect. Your RBC and HCT are just below range - a likely factor.
Your high  CH50 count means that your total complement system is overactive.

When I had been studying Dr.Barnes work, one particular finding stayed with me.
From ALL the thousands of patients he treated for hypothyroid
(using natural desiccated thyroid ) NONE of these patients developed Lupus!
The ones who had been already diagnosed with Lupus, NONE developed any  new signs of organ involvement, while being treated by Dr. Barnes for hypothyroid.

If you need more details,let me know, however, my comments and suggestions are not intended to replace medical advice.

Best wishes.
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