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Can you have a negative ANA Assay and still have SJOGRENS?

So, I've been dealing with dryness for the last few years. Dry eyes, dry ears, no longer needing to wear deodorant, dry mouth off and on, joint pain, slow digestion. However, I had a cold in the beginning of April and I figure its a cold because it went through everyone in my house. But, I was having mouth pain and had swelling on the buccal muscoa  area. Also, during this time - I stopped being able to produce tears .

Fast forward to a month - my parotid glands are swollen, my eyes are still dry but I can produce tears, my nose burns off and on because it is so dry and my ears itch like crazy.

I did have an ANA Assay completed and an RF - both were negative. I have been having issues for a while and would think IF I had sjogren's it would have showed up in the blood by now. Is it possible to have sjogrens with negative tests?
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Can anyone please answer? Thank you in advance.
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Also, I have been having vaginal dryness for a few years
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