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Hi I am a 29yr old female with Hashimoto's and my nutritionist advised me back in March to eliminate dairy and gluten from my diet and simply include whole grain foods.

Well, I noticed after drinking almond milk and coconut milk heated up that I come over very sleepy and suddenly drained of energy. Since reading into how almond milk and coconut milk are regarded as detox drinks is it possible my body may be detoxing? My eyes are a little bit watery, my nose is stuffy and I am yawning a lot. This all happened rather suddenly and within minutes after consuming the almond milk/coconut milk. Does this all sound rather odd or is there some truth to this?

Thanks :)
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Thanks for your reply.

I did the fast pulse test and this is what has come out from that today:

Resting pulse: 57

Food 1: Coconut milk

Pulse after food 1: 61

Food 2: Coconut milk with sugar

Pulse before food 2: 55

Pulse after food 2: 68

Food 3: Almond milk

Pulse before food 3: 60

Pulse after food 3: 62

Food 4: Almond milk with cocoa powder

Pulse before food 4: 61

Pulse after food 4: 70

When I first drank the almond milk and got the tiredness I added it into cocoa powder to make hot chocolate but with almond milk substituted for cow's milk. Is it possible with the above readings that I could potentially be sensitive to sugar since cocoa powder contains sugar? So it's looking likely I will need to eliminate sugar, too. Oh dear. :o
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Detox does not work that fast , and if it were the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction,
it would take much time to go through the various processes, before you would experience any symptoms.
Chances are that you have some allergic reaction to possibly the almond milk
or it might be something different all together and have nothing to do with
the reaction to coconut and/or almond milk.
To verify , do the fast pulse test that I gave you a few weeks ago, just putting one of these milks at a time, in your mouth, before taking your pulse.  
You do not need to ingest it.

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