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Eyebrows completley fell out

Hello, I am a 40 year old Caucasian female. Two years ago my once thick and dark eyebrows fell out completely to the point where I do not have any eyebrows whatsoever even at present. They fell out quickly and never grew back. I have been to see many specialists and have had my thyroid levels tested which all came back normal:
(TSH is 1.5, Free T4 is 13 and Free T3 is 4.0). I have also been tested for many other conditions including Lupus and they have all come back negative - I have been told that there is "nothing wrong with me". I have also had a very small amount of hair disappear from my "widow's peak" in the front of my hair line and some patches of hair on my legs disappear also. Since everything else appears to have been ruled out it appears to be an autoimmune issue. I was wondering if you have ever heard of this happening to anyone before and if there are any cures/treatments for this. I am also currently pregnant with my first child so I wouldn't take any treatments until after the baby is born but I would like to hear from anyone who is aware of this happening and if there have been any successful treatments/"cures".
Thank you.
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Alopecia areata (loss of hair in one or more regions) is a rather common problem that is thought to be caused by an autoimmune process or chemical  or radiation exposure.  In some people it is genetically linked and occurs at a distinct time during their life.

The National Alopecia Areata Foundation (http://www.naaf.org) lists a number of possible treatments that might help you.

Prof. Garth Nicolson
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Dear Dr. Nicolson, I'm the lady who's eyebrows fell out completley and you kindly referred me to the Alopecia Areata foundation website for treatment options. I went there and it's wigs and makeup so I was wondering if you know of any prescription treatments (topical or otherwise) that have been successful at stimulating eyebrow growth?? Or, is it a case of when they are gone they are gone for good??

Thanks Much.
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There are some drug treatments, but I must confess I don't have any first hand knowledge of their benefits/risks.

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